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~~  Relationship harmony & Inner Balance ~~ Understanding the differences between men and women ~~Different Communication Styles.~~ Getting out of your mind chatter ~~Living in sync with your heart ~~  Clarity about desires and needs ~~ Boundary setting ~~ Giving and receiving love.~~ Envisioning & intentionally attracting the mate you desire ~~ Identifying emotional triggers & subconscious blocks/resistances that keep you from moving towards your goals ~~ Feeling & expressing emotions ~ ~Taking responsibility for your emotional & financial well being.~~ Navigating life transitions & change ~~ Grieving loss.~ ~Nutrition, Exercise, Movement as a practice in self love, self affirmation & mental hygiene ~~ Shifting perspective and Developing a DIAMOND mindset shaped by learning to honor you, your inner beauty, authenticity, vulnerability (Vs neediness)~~Connect with your SASSY!




 ~ Experience your own practice of feeling and connecting to Divine Source ~~ Explore the practice of prayer, gratitude & tapping into inner wisdom to

re-discover your gifts & passions ~~  Consciously set intentions to Re-vision/ Re-story your life into the adventure you desire ~~ Unleash &  liberate your energies to take inspired action towards your goals ~

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     30 Min. Session :    $40.00

    1 Hour Session  :    $75.00

    4 Session Pkg    :    $260.00


<>Coaching Offered Via Phone, In Person, and By Email 

<>Sessions include email Followup.

<>Purchase your session(s) then email me through the Contact page with some convenient times for you. I will reply within 24 hours to schedule an initial consultation.



​​Lauren offered just what I needed - an attentive ear and intuitive advice. She guided our conversation and empowered me to be able to talk with my partner without blaming or hurting him.~ Carol


Lauren was very patient and supportive of my situation. She helped me a lot and gave me good advice which is what I was looking for. She really cared about my feelings and situation which is something very rare. A very good person. I would highly recommend her to anyone else. She took the time and care to ask me specific questions to understand my situation better and gave me good advice of reality instead of just saying what I wanted to hear. She was a good listenter and was pleasant to talk to.

~ Ian

Lauren was AWESOME! If you are ever stuck, emotional or just need to talk to someone to figure out what's going on, give her a call. We got to the core issue really quickly and it wasn't actually what I thought it was about. I'm now feeling a bit more empowered to explore it and am not so anxious or worried. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone. She was non judgmental and could really see the issues just as they were. I was able to express what was going on yet remain stable and clear on an outcome that felt right for me. Thanks Lauren. It's made a huge difference to my life. I'm grateful for your time, love and dedication to my happiness.

~ Kimberley

Lauren was absolutely the best! She listened well, was caring and compassionate, yet gave me some really great advice that helped me understand my Martian and myself better. She gave me several tools to work with to prepare me for my next conversation with my guy and helped me gain a better perspective regarding the entire situation. To have someone so knowledgeable deal with my particular situation was extremely helpful. I have found my relationship coach and will be talking to her whenever I need guidance. Thank you, Lauren! 

~ Gaye

This was my first time ever calling a coach. Lauren B listened to everything I had to say. She offered helpful tips and guidance. The call helped me in getting my feelings out. It helped to have someone who wasn't a friend to look at the situation. I was second guessing myself and thought I had done something wrong. I will be keeping in touch with Lauren until my current situation is resolved. I feel better about myself. It was good to hear some of the advice I was receiving from friends was somewhat the same from Lauren. Helps to know that I am going in the right direction.